Our new Ford Transit Custom vans are on the road!!

With our new eye-catching bronze livery, these vans add a distinctive presence to our vehicle fleet.

After careful consideration and a lot of research we decided that the new Ford Transit Customs were the ideal vehicles for our team.

Reduced emissions with improved safety, economy, comfort, space & reliability were of course at the top of our list, with these vans being the industry leaders.

With our staff spending many hours a day travelling to and from sites we wanted to be able to supply them with a vehicle that was not only practical, but that was also safe and a pleasure for them to drive.

We have received very positive feedback from the teams that have been provided with these vehicles and are confident that we made the right decision.

The vans are used to their full potential, with shelving units fitted in the rear providing our staff sufficient storage space to organise all their tools, provide easy access to their equipment with enough room to transport materials.

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