Optimised Retrofit Project

Property Building Maintenance (Wales) Ltd are pleased to announce that we have been selected by one of our major social housing clients to take part in an innovative pilot project as part of the Welsh Government Optimised Retrofit Project. (ORP)

This is a whole house, pragmatic, approach to decarbonising existing homes. It is far more sophisticated and bespoke than previous schemes because it considers the fabric or materials our homes are made from; the way we heat and store energy in our homes and the way energy is supplied to our homes. Some of the upgrades that are to be trialled through projects like this will include heat pumps, intelligent energy systems and solar panels.

The aim of the project enables us to trial new technology, methodologies, advances, and improvements to a range of tenant’s homes which will achieve better energy efficiency with reduced running costs, improved resident comfort as well as lowered carbon emissions.

We are working closely with our clients, consultants, manufacturers, and suppliers to deliver this pilot, who will monitor its ongoing performance to evaluate the different products used.

By working collaboratively, we are learning from each other and gaining better understanding of the new technologies and cutting edge “green materials” that we can use.

This innovative project will have a positive impact for tenants, our staff who are being up-skilled and trained in how to install these new technologies as well as the environment:

·         Ecological breathable insulation products (used internally and externally.)
·         Solar PV & battery storage technology
·         Electric car charge-point installations
·         Air source heat pumps
·         Electric heating systems
·         Triple glazing systems

Whilst also enabling us to invest in local businesses and technologies as well as meeting ‘Better Homes, Better Wales, Better World and Welsh Government targets.

Property Building Maintenance (Wales) Ltd.

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