Croeserw Nature Trail

The construction industry is a major source of pollution to the environment, it is responsible for around 4% of particulate emissions, more water pollution incidents than any other industry, thousands of noise complaints every year and even soil contamination in some cases. In order to counter this it is imperative that the construction industry actively sources green alternatives where possible for the purpose of reducing our carbon footprint.

Here at PBM we take our commitment to the environment very seriously, earlier this year we achieved our ISO 14001 Environmental Management status which ensures that our day to day operations are carried out sustainably, where practicable.

It is a privilege for us to work with and support our local communities, however being part of projects that that not only promote the importance of retaining & protecting our natural environments & habitats, but also inspire younger generations for years to come we find rewarding beyond measure.

Thank you to Tai Tarian, Croeserw Primary and all others involved in delivering this project.